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I believe in leaving some things to the imagination, but if you ask I actually might consider answering.

Happy Birthday Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta !
Thank you for opening the eyes to the world, thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve changed Pop music, but most importantly people’s lives. Thank you for being here and giving me a reason to live.  Cheers to 6 years of having you in the music industry. We have both grown together … it feels so weird, I remember it like it was yesterday the day I first saw you and fell in love with you, your personality, music and art. You were there when no one else was. You helped me get up when I were about to quit and to millions around the world. You’re making the world a better place. Because of you, I have confidence. Because of you, I’ve met so many amazing people that today are my friends. Because of you, I’m still here.
Love you dearly ❤️